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The Rice Industry in Malaya, 1920-1940 - Ding Eing Tan Soo Hai
The Rice Industry in Malaya, 1920-1940 - Ding Eing Tan Soo Hai
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Class, Race and Colonialism in West Malaysia:... The Indian Case... -... Michael Stenson... The author originally thought that his best approach to understanding Malaysian society would be to start by studying its component racial parts. He soon discovered that the idea of homogenous Indian, Chinese or Malay groups was a misnomer...
The Rice Industry in Malaya, 1920-1940 
Ding Eing Tan Soo Hai 
At the beginning of this period Malaya was reliant on imports for two thirds of its rice consumption due to a fairly laissez faire policy of leaving production to Malay padi farmers. That looked as if it might change in the 1930s with a shake up of the agriculture department, the founding of a school of agriculture and the creation of a Department of Irrigation. The author concludes by analysing whether these changes had any real impact. Very Good Paperback. First Edition. 60 pages with maps tables and a bibliography.  

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Condition: The cover has a few minor nicks around the edges and has probably faded slightly with age. The binding is tight, text clear and there is mild tanning throughout.