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Customer Service

My goal at the Penang Bookshelf is to replicate the service I give my customers when I meet them. That means I want to provide you with the books you want, when you want them, where you want them. If you're looking for something, there's a good chance I can find it, if I don't have it in stock already. In such cases I will tell you the cost to me - even with a copy of the invoice I paid - and I will charge you what I paid plus and agreed handling fee. If you have any comments, satisfied or not, on the service I provide, do let me know as soon as possible.

Visitors to my stall and shop are fortunate in that they can browse before they purchase. In order to help you find books you may now previously have heard of, I include a short description - usually not taken from the publisher's write-up - for every book shown on line. Do let me know how this suits you and whether you have any suggestion for improving this aspect of The Penang Bookshelf's service.