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Seri Gunum: Princess of Lake Chini - Ninot Aziz
Seri Gunum: Princess of Lake Chini - Ninot Aziz
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Images of Penang... -... Alvin Loh... New. Yes, another picture book about Penang, but, fortuantely, this one is different. While it includes the usual batch of attractive pictures that one would expect from such a book, it also includes many other places that you're likely to have been to or would...

Seri Gunum: Princess of Lake Chini 
Ninot Aziz

This is a folk tale of a monster that inhabits Tasik Chini, Malaysia's second largest freshwater lake in Pahang. It is supposed to guard a legendary civilisation, possibly relating to the Khmer empire. The tale is retold by the author. New Paperback. First Edition. 63 pages with black and white illustrations by Ariyana Ahmad.

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Published by: Hikayat Fandom, Bandar Tasik Putri 2022