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Puteri Saadong: The Warrior Queen -Ninot Aziz
Puteri Saadong: The Warrior Queen -Ninot Aziz
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Images of Penang... -... Alvin Loh... New. Yes, another picture book about Penang, but, fortuantely, this one is different. While it includes the usual batch of attractive pictures that one would expect from such a book, it also includes many other places that you're likely to have been to or would...

Puteri Saadong: The Warrior Queen 
Ninot Aziz

This is a folk tale from the Hikayat Seri Kelantan about Puteri Saadong, also known as Mariam, who allowed herself to be taken by the invading Siamese to save her country. Her bereft husband remained behind and vowed never to remarry, but broke his promise with disastrous consequences. The tale is retold by the author. New Paperback. First Edition. 62 pages with black and white illustrations by Ariyana Ahmad.

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Published by: Hikayat Fandom, Bandar Tasik Putri 2022