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New Malaysian Essays 2 - Amir Muhammad (ed)
New Malaysian Essays 2 - Amir Muhammad (ed)
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New Malaysian Essays 2


Amir Muhammad (ed)

The editor, Muhammad Amir, describes this collection as "more badass" than New Malaysian Essays 1. The book certainlymore keeps up the quality of the first, introduces new topics and greater variety. This collection includes Shanon Shah's The Khutbah Diaries wondering about the politicisation of Friday khutbahs in mosques, Mohamad Tajuddin Mohamad Rasdi's The Architecture of Putrayjaya suggesting that Mussolini may have been a role model for the planners, Ridhwan Saidi's Hari-Hari Terakhir Seorang Flaneur making his own questions about Malaysia's urban spaces, Danny Lim's Aku, Hang & Demo, a pictorial guide to street protests Malaysia style, The Editor's Of Jackfruit and Kings playing about with royalty, Ann Lee's The Theme Park of Pulau Jerejak isn't quite tourist grabbing PR, Amir Sharipuddin's Blue, Black & White: How I Survived National Service explains why the military are glad to have seen the back of him, Yusulf Martin's Colourful Langauage ponders the Americanization of Malayzia and the last two pieces, Andrew Ng's A Cultural History of the Pontianak Films and Jac sm Kee's Boundary Monsters in a Time of Magic, show us respectively how pontianaks (Malaysian spirits) cope with being depicted in film and with new technology. pp 288.

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Published by Matahari Books, Petaling Jaya, 2009 First edition. ISBN: 9789834359683

Condition: New. Paperback.