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Sandakania No 17 July 2008 - John B Sugau (ed)
Sandakania No 17 July 2008 - John B Sugau (ed)
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Sandakania No 17 July 2008 


John B Sugau (ed)

The Forest Department's occasional journal of plant systematics,, morphology and natural history. Articles include S. Suzana, J.T. Pereira & J.B. Sugau - A new species of Wendlandia (Rubiaceae) from Borneo ; John B. Sugau - Enumeration and Notes on Adinandra (Pentaphylacaceae) in Borneo & W.J.J.O. De Wilde & Brigitta E.E . Duyfjes - The edible Cucurbitaceae of Thailand and Malesia and the wild forms of the cultivated ones New Paperback. First Edition 91 pages with some colour photographs. 

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