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Hindraf and the Malaysian Indian Community - Arunajeet Kaur
Hindraf and the Malaysian Indian Community - Arunajeet Kaur
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Hindraf and the Malaysian Indian Community 


Arunajeet Kaur

The majority of Malaysians of Indian origin are descendants of labour imported by the British to work in plantations and wherever else hard labour was needed. Because they were bonded labourers or had their lives strictly controlled by their employers in other ways, the Tamil community had less opportunity to strike out on their own, compared to, for example, Chinese immigrants. As a result the Indian community, in many ways still considers itself marginalised in Malaysia today. This book mainly traces Malaysian Indian politics from the end of World War II to the evolution of Hindraf, a coalition of non governmental organisations seeking justice for Malaysian Indians. New Paperback. First Edition. 303 pages with a bibliography. 

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