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Etlingera of Sulawesi - Axel Dalberg Poulsen
Etlingera of Sulawesi - Axel Dalberg Poulsen
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Etlingera of Sulawesi


G. Argent, A. Lamb, A. Phillipps, S. Collenette 

This book is a significant addition to scientific knowledge of etlingera in the Malay Archipelago because, inter alia, the author has identified more than 30 new species in addition to the four that were known in Sulawesi before this book's publication. Because this plant is a member of the ginger family, this work not only describes the taxonomic history, morphology, ecology, and conservation of the plant, but its uses as well. pp. viii, 278 with more than 200 colour photographs, nearly 50 line drawings and a few historic black and white photographs as well. There are also maps, a bibliography and an index. 

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Published by Natural History Publications, Kota Kinabalu, 2006.

ISBN: 9789838121385

Condition: New. Hardcover with a similar dust jacket.