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Liberating the Malay Mind - M. Bakri Musa
Liberating the Malay Mind - M. Bakri Musa
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Liberating the Malay Mind


M. Bakri Musa

This book, originally published in 2013, distills the essence of the author's many writings on his homeland, i.e. in order for Malays to move from 'under the comfort of life under the coconut shell,' as he says, they are going to have to learn to let go of their defensiveness. He does not see Malays' problems as 'rooted in the presumed deficiencies of biology or culture. Nor are they caused by colonialism...immigrants, capitalism, globalization, or even (their) supposed lack of unity. We have been led to believe that they are problems, not opportunities.' Using his knowledge and experience of Malay culture and history he maps out recommendations for Malays can be respected everywhere, not just at home. 542 pages with references and an index.

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Published by ZI Publications, Paetaling Jaya, 2016 ISBN: 9789675266331

Condition: New. Paperback.