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The Texts of Taoism (Volumes 1 & 2) - James Legge (Trans)
The Texts of Taoism (Volumes 1 & 2) - James Legge (Trans)
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The Texts of Taoism

(Volumes 1 & 2)


James Legge (Trans)

A collection of writings central to the early Taoist faith. Originally translated by Legge in 1891, the book includes main works of Laozi and Zhuangzi as well as The Treatise of Actions and Their Retributions,. Various other shorter treatises on Taoism and an analysis of Zhuangzi. 33 books on the doctrine are included in this work. 732 pages with an index.

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Published by Graham Brash, Singapore 2001. Reprint. ISBN: 9789971492083

Condition: Very Good Hardback.The book looks clean and new apart from some minor dirt marks on the text block