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The Sulu Zone, 1768-1898 - James Francis Warren
The Sulu Zone, 1768-1898 - James Francis Warren
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The Sulu Zone, 1768-1898:

The Dynamics of External Trade, Slavery, and Ethnicity in the Transformation of a Southeast Asian Maritime State

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James Francis Warren

With its focus on the Sulu Sultanate from the mid eighteenth century to the end of the following century, this classic work reveals the effects of increasing Western interference and the China trade on the last autonomous Malayo-Muslim maritime state. The book is unusual in that contemporaneous records have been used not only to examine state actions and structures, but also to bring to light the effects of change on farmers, fishermen, traders and slaves in the area. The book is divided into three parts -

  • I -Patterns of Trading,
  • II - Patterns of Raiding &
  • III - Slavery.
  • 390 pages with appendices, notes, a glossary, a bibliography and an index. Weight

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Published by NUS Press, Singapore. Reprinted Second edition, 2014. ISBN: 9789971693862

Condition:  New Paperback.