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The Kejaman Language - Amee Joan & Jacquelyne Ekot
The Kejaman Language - Amee Joan & Jacquelyne Ekot
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A Baba Malay Dictionary... -... William Gwee Thian Hock... One of the great joys of spoken language is the clues the language gives to the speakers' way of life. Baba Malay, the language spoken by by descendants of early Chinese immigrants to the Malay peninsula who intermarried with Malays, is no...
The Kejaman Language 


Amee Joan & Jacquelyne Ekot

This book was produced as part of an effort to preserve the Kejaman language, which is now probably spoken by about 1,200 people concentrated in two longhouses. After giving some background to the community and explaining the phonological and morphological aspects of the language, there is a short section on common phrases followed by a picture dictionary of 262 words in Kejaman, Bahasa and English. New paperback. Reprint. Originally published in 2016 76 pages with an index and several line drawings.  

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