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The Babas - Felix Chia
The Babas - Felix Chia
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The Babas 


Felix Chia

Often confused with Chinese, who arrived in the Malay Archipelago from the 19th century onwards, the Straits Chinese, or Peranakan, are as distinct a community as, say, Gypsies or Jews in  Europe. Here the author provides an extensive history of the community's origins and their unique customs, either developed themselves or adapted from other cultures with whom they have been living for centuries. This is a reprint of the Babas Revisited , a 1993 revision by the author of his original 1980 classic. 247 pages. Please see the scan of the contents page for further details. 

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ISBN: 9789814189569

Published by: Landmark Books, Singapore, 2015, Revised

Condition: New. Hardcover.