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Singapore Love Stories - Verena Tay (ed)
Singapore Love Stories - Verena Tay (ed)
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The Sea Dayaks of Borneo:... Before White Rajah Rule... -... Benedict Sandin... This book is an essay on the history of the Ibans based on oral materials. Three themes were discussed chronologically - pioneer settlement in the area of Sarawak's Second Division, a phase of additional Iban settlement and consolidation in the...

Singapore Love Stories


Verena Tay (ed)

Seventeen different writers demonstrate the variety of love in Singapore in seventeen different stories. They include a wide mix of recognisable Singapore characters from the migrant worker and privileged expatriate through to the Singapore millionaire and the HDB dweller. New Paperback. First Edition 223 pages.

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Published by: Monsoon Books, Borough on Hill, UK. 2016

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