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Perak and the Malays - Fred McNair
Perak and the Malays - Fred McNair
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Perak and the Malays


 Fred McNair

At the time he wrote this McNair had been first a British East India Company employee and a colonial official in Malaya for more than twenty years. The book was probably prompted by the killing of the Resident of Perak, JWW Birch, three years before the book's publication. This event served to bring the Malay peninsula to the attention of the British public. So, in some considerable detail, McNair sets out not only to describe almost every aspect of the state and its peoples, but also the events that led up to Birch's death and the subsequent 'pacification' afterwards. New Paperback. Reprint and Reedited. Originally published in 1878. 316 pages with 13 engravings 

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