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Our Man in Malaya - Margaret Shennan
Our Man in Malaya - Margaret Shennan
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Our Man in Malaya


Margaret Shennan

The troubled history of the last few years of Malaya as a colony, both of the British and Japanese and the first few years of independence are reflected in the biography of John Davis. As a member of the Police Special Branch, he escaped from Singapore on the Japanese arrival and, after 35 days in a fishing boat, arrived in Ceylon where he prepared for his return as an operative behind enemy lines. He worked closely with Chin Peng, who has written an afterword, and Spencer Chapman. After the war he stayed on to face Chin Peng during the 'Emergency' where, amongst other things, he was involved in abortive peace talks with Chin Peng in 1955. 386 pages. New Paperback

Published by Monsoon Books, Singapore, 2014. Reprint

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