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Medicinal Forest Species in FRIM ( 2 vols) - Mazura Md Pisar & Others (eds)
Medicinal Forest Species in FRIM ( 2 vols) - Mazura Md Pisar & Others (eds)
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Medicinal Forest Species in FRIM ( 2 vols) 


Mazura Md Pisar & Others (eds)

The Forest Research Institute Malaysia has over 2,000 plant species on which they conduct continuous research for botanical and conservation purposes. In the course this research the institute's staff have also been seeking to identify plants which have medicinal properties. This two volume work publishes the results of the research with respect to 30 medicinal forest species. Botanical information, distribution, traditional uses, pharmacology, phytochemicals, chemical fingerprints and photos of each of these species is included in this work. New Hardbacks. First Editions with indices and glossaries. 113 & 163 pages. For further details of the species included  please see the scanned contents pages. 

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