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Malaysians and Their Identities - Yeoh Seng Guan (ed)
Malaysians and Their Identities - Yeoh Seng Guan (ed)
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Malaysians and Their Identities


Yeoh Bok Choon (ed) 

This collection of essays, based on research by a group of scholars at Monash University Malaysia for their Honours and Masters degrees, unpicks the strands of race entangling the lives of denizens of Kuala Lumpur in the 21st century. Whether it's the smart cafe culture, TV advertisements for various festivals, the smartphone or Islamic fashion, the research manages to unearth new and sometimes startling insights into both the interviewees' coping strategies and their positive contributions to the construction of new identities for themselves and their milieu. 199 pages with a list of references at the end of each essay. 

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Published by SIRD, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 2017. First edition.

ISBN: 9789670960661

Condition: New. Paperback.