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D'Albuquerque's Children - Margaret Sarkissian
D'Albuquerque's Children - Margaret Sarkissian
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D'Albuquerque's Children Performing Tradition in Malaysia's Portuguese Settlement


Margaret Sarkissian

Although Portugal's 130 rule of Melaka was followed by Dutch and then British rule during Malaysia's colonial period, descendants of those Portuguese have managed to preserve a culture and identity for more than 500 years with little contact with Portugal before the modern era. In this book, a noted ethnomusicologist seeks to determine the origins of the Music and dance. The results reveal a wide selection of influences that have been melded to form this distinctive culture. 219 pages. For further details, please see the scanned contents page.

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Published by Chicago University Press, 2000First edition. ISBN: 9780226734996

Condition: Very Good. Paperback. The book looks new apart from some light pencil markings on one or two of the pages