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Canadian Rajah - Dave Carley
Canadian Rajah - Dave Carley
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The Sea Dayaks of Borneo:... Before White Rajah Rule... -... Benedict Sandin... This book is an essay on the history of the Ibans based on oral materials. Three themes were discussed chronologically - pioneer settlement in the area of Sarawak's Second Division, a phase of additional Iban settlement and consolidation in the...
Canadian Rajah
Dave Carley

Most histories of Sarawak skip mention of the inconvenient first son of the second rajah, Charles Brooke, born as a result of his first marriage to a Malay woman, Dayang Mastiah. The son, Esca, was originally bundled out of the way to England and spent most of his life in Canada, cut off from his birth family. This is a dramatisation of a meeting between Esca and Ranee, Margaret, Rajah Brooke's second wife. New Paperback. 99 pages with some black and white plates and supplementary information on Esca's life. 

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Publication: Scirocco Drama, Winnipeg, Canada, 2021