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Bulletin of The School of Oriental and African Studies LVII Part 1 (1994)
Bulletin of The School of Oriental and African Studies LVII Part 1 (1994)
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Bulletin of The School of Oriental and African Studies LVII Part 1 (1994)

Articles include - Published writings of J. E. Wansbrough; JOSHUA BLAU: A Melkite Arabic literary lingua franca from the second half of the first millennium; MICHAEL BONNER: The naming of the frontier: 'Awasim, Thughur , and the Arab geographers; MICHAEL BRETT: The   Mim, the 'Ayn , and the making of Isma'Ilism; NORMAN CALDER: The Barahima:  literary  construct  and  historical reality; SIMONETTA CALDERINI: Tafs'ir of 'alam'in in rabb al-'alam'in, Qur'an I : 2.; PATRICIA CRONE: ' Even an Ethiopian slave': the transformation of a SunnI tradition; HUMPHREY J. FISHER: Many deep baptisms: reflections on religious, chiefly Muslim, conversion in Black Africa; M. J. GELLER: Early Christianity and the Dead Sea Scrolls; JOSHUA C . GREENFIELD: Keret's dream: dhrt and hdrt; SABRY  HAFEZ:  The transformation  of  reality  and  the  Arabic  novel's aesthetic response; GERALD HAWTING: An ascetic vow and an unseemly oath? 'ila' and zihar in Muslim law; SIMON HOPKINS: A new autograph fragment of Maimonides's Epitomes of Galen (De Locis Ajfectis); GEOFFREY KHAN: The  historical  background  of  the  vowel  ere in some Hebrew verbal and  nominal forms; ANN LAMBTON: P'ishkash: present or tribute?; CHIBLI MALLAT: Readings of the Qur'an in London and Najaf: John Wansbrough and Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr; H. T. NORRIS: From Asia to Africa: the Tuhfat al-Albab by Abu Hamid al-GharnaiI (473/ l080-565/1169) as a source for the chronology and content of the S'irat 'Antar b. Shaddad; ROBIN OSTLE: Modem Egyptian renaissance man; A. RIPPIN: The  poetics of Qur'anic punning; SHAUL SHAKED: Two   Parthian ostraca from Nippur; STEFAN SPERL: The literary form of prayer : Qu'ran sura one, the Lord's Prayer , and  a Babylonian  prayer to the Moon God. Very Good Paperback,.254 pages First Edition 

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