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Asia for the Asiatics? - Robert S Ward
Asia for the Asiatics? - Robert S Ward
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The Legacy of the Malay Letter/ Warisan Warkah Melayu... by... Annabel TehGallop... This really is a beautiful book evoking the courtly style of Malay letter writing that changed little during the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries from which the examples in this book are taken. There are 210...

Asia for the Asiatics?


Robert S Ward

In this prescient polemic, written as the Second World War was ending, Ward takes the case of Hong Kong to look at how the Japanese invaders sought to present themselves as liberators of Asians from white imperialism. After examining Japan's modus operandi in the British colony, he advocates measures that colonial powers will have to take if they were going to regain their former dominance. Either such advice fell on deaf ears or was ineffective, since within a decade from the end of the war most Western colonies in Asia were either in the hands of newly independent governments or on their way to do so.  Good Hardback. First Edition. 205 pages with an index. 

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Condition : The cover has faded in places, particularly on the spine. The binding is tight, text clear and there is mild tanning throughout.