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A History of Selangor & Negri Sembilan - RO Winstedt
A History of Selangor & Negri Sembilan - RO Winstedt
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A History of Selangor & Negri Sembilan


RO Winstedt 


It is difficult to find much clarity in the history of either of these states until the 17th century, when European interest in the peninsula began. Before then both areas were subject to the sultans of Malacca and Johor at various points in their existence. The histories of both states conclude with them becoming members of the Federated Malay States, when British control was formalised. The final section of the book, Sri Menati, also traces Negri Sembilan's history, but places greater emphasis on adat, Malay custom, as it related to the royal family. The histories of Selangor and Negri Sembilan were originally published in 1934 and Sri Menati in 1914. New Paperback. Reprint. 220 pages with two black and white plates

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Published by Silverfish Books, Kuala Lumpur, 2021.