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The Taoist Body - Kristofer Schipper
The Taoist Body - Kristofer Schipper
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The Taoist Body


Kristofer Schipper

With an outline of Taoism as his background, the author , an ordained Taoist priest, focusses particularly on the differences between Taoist and Christian view of the importance of the body and the soul. He explains how both body and soul are inextricably inter linked in Taoism, unlike Christian dualism, and how the appreciation of this difference leads to a more complete understanding of the traditions and practices that underpin Chinese culture as a whole. Translated from the original 1982 French edition by Karen C Duval.273 pages with a bibliography and index.

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Published by Pelanduk Publications, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, 1996. ISBN: 9789679785302

 Condition: Very Good. Paperback. Although fresh from the publisher's stock, the covers have minor wear and the text block one or two minor dirt marks. The binding is tight, the text is clear and there is no tanning throughout.