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The Jungle is Neutral - Spencer Chapman
The Jungle is Neutral - Spencer Chapman
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The Jungle is Neutral


Spencer Chapman

This is the classic story of one of the first jungle war experts of the modern era. He takes us through the period of the Japanese occupation of Malaya. Between the invasion and the fall of Singapore he was involved in behind the scenes operations to try to sabotage the Japanese advance. After Singapore fell he remained on the peninsula working with the orang asli (aborigines) and Communist guerillas to do what he could to undermine the occupation until the return of the British.Fair Paperback Reprint  First Published in 1949 381 pages with black and white plates and five maps .

Weight: 0.5 kg Post free within Malaysia

Published by Triad/Mayflower, St Albans, UK, 1977.

Condition: The cover has ample signs of wear and is creased in places. The binding is cracked in the middle of the book, but this has not loosened the pages. The binding is tight, the text clear and there is nmedium to heavy tanning of the pages. A reading copy.