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Sastera Melayu Lama - Annas Haji Ahmad
Sastera Melayu Lama - Annas Haji Ahmad
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Sastera Melayu Lama


Annas Haji Ahmad

A companion volume to the author's Sastera Melayu Baru, this work covers Malay literature before the 20th century. Chapters cover

  • I - Pengertian Kesusasteraan,
  • II - Sastera Ra'ayat,
  • III - Puisi Melayu Lama,
  • IV - Pengaroh Hindu Dalam Kesusasteraan Melayu,
  • V - Zaman Peralehan Hindu/Islam,
  • VI - Pengaroh Islam Dalam Kesusasteraan Melayu,
  •  VII - Hikayat Seri Rama,
  • VIII - Hikayat Berbingkai,
  • IX - Cherita, Panji,
  • X - Hasil, Kesusasteraan Melayu Yang Berchorak Sejarah,
  • XI - Perkembangan Kesusasteraan Melayu Dalam Zaman Kerajaan Acheh,
  • XII - Hikayat, Romantis Dalam Sastera Melayu,
  • XIII - Hikayat Hang Tuah,
  • XIV - Kitab Sa-ribu Masa'alah,
  • XV - Kesan2 Dari Kesusasteraan Melayu Lama & Undang2, Melayu Lama.
  • 191 pages including a short bibliography.

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Published by Sinaran Brothers, Georeg Town, Penang, 1964 First edition.

Condition: Very Good Hardback. There is minor bumping of the cover which is still fairly bright. A previous owner's name is written on the inside front cover. The binding is tight, the text is clear and there is minimal tanning throughout.