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More Penang Stories - A Shukor Rahman
More Penang Stories - A Shukor Rahman
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More Penang Stories

A Shukor Rahman

Retired journalist and inveterate raconteur, Shukor Rahman, presents another selection of history and gossip from the founding of Penang as British East India outpost up until the present day. Even if you're Penang born and bred, you're bound to come across some interesting or irrelevant piece of history of the island. If you're not, you'll discover more of the mish mash that gives the island its special character in the region. 159 pages with a wealth of black and white photos from the author's collection.

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ISBN: 9789671001028


Condition: New, Paperback.

Published by A Shukor Rahman, George Town, Penang, 2006, First Edition