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Hikayat Seri Rama - Harry Aveling (trans)
Hikayat Seri Rama - Harry Aveling (trans)
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Class, Race and Colonialism in West Malaysia:... The Indian Case... -... Michael Stenson... The author originally thought that his best approach to understanding Malaysian society would be to start by studying its component racial parts. He soon discovered that the idea of homogenous Indian, Chinese or Malay groups was a misnomer...
Hikayat Seri Rama 
Harry Aveling (trans)

When Indians came to Southeast Asia as settlers and colonisers from about the 4th century BC onwards, they naturally brought their culture with them including the Hindu epics such as the Ramayana. In time these epics became adapted into local folklore. There are two known copies of the Malay version of the epic and Aveling has chosen to translate into English the older of the two, now at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. New Hardback. 287 pages. 

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