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Bustan al-Salatin: A Malay Mirror for Rulers - Jelani Harun
Bustan al-Salatin: A Malay Mirror for Rulers - Jelani Harun
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Bustan al-Salatin: A Malay Mirror for Rulers 
Jelani Harun

The Bustan al-Salatin was composed in Aceh, in present day Indonesia, in the 17th century by Sheikh Nuruddin al-Raniri, a famous scholar and theologian. The book was intended to set out rules for the behaviour of kings and their officials. Based on research of more than 30 manuscripts of the work, Jelani Harun offers a new and comprehensive commentary on the work looking at the situation in Aceh at the time, the author, the text and sources, interpolation of the text, the structure of the book, adab writing and the book's influence and subsequent works on the same subject. New Paperback. Reprint. 352 pages with a bibliography and an index.

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