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A Javanese Boyhood:  An Ethnographic Biography - Michael Smithies
A Javanese Boyhood: An Ethnographic Biography - Michael Smithies
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A Javanese Boyhood:

  An Ethnographic Biography


 Michael Smithies

An unusual biography of a far from wealthy Javanese boy living in Indonesia's cultural capital of Yogjakarta, as told to the author. The book is full of insights into life in a large traditional family and into how his strict moral upbringing prepared the subject for later life, when he managed to travel, learn foreign languages and establish a career as a batik artist. He eventually returned home to settle down in his home city just as easily as he adapted to his varied experiences abroad. Good Paperback. First Edition 136 pages.

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Published by Federal Publications, Singapore, 1982. ISBN: 9789971404215

Condition: The cover has hardly any wear. The title page and last page are heavily tanned. Otherwise the binding is tight, the text is clear and there is very mild tanning throughout.